Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Day at the Zoo

It had been over a year since we had been to the zoo, so my friend and I decided to meet up there with our girls yesterday. We didn't even realize that we had made plans for Halloween until the night before, but it was a great way to spend Halloween day. Neither of us are very fond of costumes, so our poor children didn't get to dress up for the day, but I don't think they minded!
Lila loves Anna, and she had a great time seeing the animals with her. Alli enjoyed the zoo too and kept calling every animal a "dog." The weather was perfect, not too terribly warm and definitely not cold...which is why I LOVE October here!
After the zoo, we went to lunch at Little Big's Burgers on Montrose, a few blocks away from the zoo. It was so good, and they have the best sliders! Alli even ate some black bean burger, and all three girls chowed down on their French Fries.  It was such a nice day, and it was so great spending it with good friends!

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