Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sixteen Months Old *November 13, 2012*

My sweet baby is sixteen months old today! She is also cutting three of her first big molars 
:( . They weren't bothering her until she got a head cold, and now she just looks pitiful. She's hanging in there though, and taking these molars coming in a LOT better than her sister did (blog post here)!! She is growing up so much and getting cuter by the day. 
Here's what you're up to:

*You weigh between 18 and 19 pounds (I really have to get a new scale so I can get an accurate measurement), and you are 28.5 inches tall. 

*You have TWELVE teeth now! Four big ones sprang up this past month, and you're doing great with them!
*You still love to wave and say "hi" and "bye" to everyone.

*You love Chevy and call him "dog". You look for him the second that you wake up. You will also say "ruff ruff" when we ask what a doggie says.
*Your vocabulary has really expanded this month. Your words are: please, waffle, milk, dog, Lila, mama, dada, mommy, hi, hello, shoes, wow, uh huh, yes, Ye-Ye (for your grandmama) and outside.

*You say "mah" for milk and go straight for the fridge when you are thirsty for it. You still drink about 4 full cups per day in your Playtex sippies.
*You love to play phone, and will use many things as pretend phones. You say "hi" and smile really big when you hold them to your ear."

*You are starting to hold your own really well against Lila now. The other day you ran her off because she was actually afraid of you! Way to go, Alli!

*You love to turn light switches on and off, and you get so excited to see the reaction to the switch.
*You are still in love with your paci...not sure when we'll get rid of this!

*You love to just walk around the house. You like to roll this color wheel pull toy around, or you are just as happy walking in circles around the house.

*You and Lila love to lock us out of your playroom or room and play together. It's so sweet to hear your giggles with each other.
*You still love to climb on tables and chairs.  You like to stand up on the chairs and look to your daddy because it makes him really nervous.

*Your favorite toys are riding toys, push/pull toys, remotes, phones, pens or crayons, puzzles, and little critters.

*Mostly taking just one big nap a day from 2-4pm.  
 *Bedtime is at 7:45 and you wake up around 6:30-7:00. You will play in your bed for a long while before we get you out at around 7/7:15am.

*Your eating habits are so random these days. You will eat the baby food pouches sometimes, but you love anything in the form of a cracker or bread. You love sweets, waffles, and grapes. You will eat Gerber ravoli as well as the pinwheel pasta meals.
*You had a great Halloween and were the cutest pirate!

*Still wearing size 3 diapers, wearing 12 month pjs, and 9-12 month clothes (some 6 month dresses still fit).

*You are so social and love talking and waving to everyone that you see. 

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