Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Santa Visit 2012

Don't didn't miss Thanksgiving yet, I just got on the ball a little early this year!

I promised Lila a special prize if she went to the potty at school since she had been having accidents the past few times, and she did! This child is 100% extrinsically motivated, so I had a feeling a little bribery would do the trick :)  Since we would be at the mall anyways, I figured why not kill two birds with one stone and visit Santa before the masses.
It was great! No one was there besides us, and Lila got to spend a lot of time talking with Santa since there was no one behind us. Alli, of course, reacted just as I knew she would and freaked out the second I put her in his lap.  I think it's funny and very "her" to be scared of someone that looks so different than momma. I think it's a requirement for each family to have at least one screaming Santa picture in their family album!
I didn't want Alli to be completely miserable the whole time, so I jumped in there on the last one. I dressed myself in decent clothes because I figured that I'd have to be in the picture for my sweet little stranger-anxiety ridden Alli.
Lila picked out a cute Yo Gabba Gabba bag for her special treat. She spotted the characters from a mile away and got so excited to see them. I think she made a good choice, and she was able to carry her gift from Santa in her new bag. 

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