Friday, November 2, 2012

Lila: 30-33 Months

Lila Milestones and Memories from August 3-November 3, 2012

August 2012 Memories (30-31 Months): 
*cute sayings: "mesinin" for medicine, "ephalent" for elephant, "yo bea bea" for yo gabba gabba
*Still love Yo Gabba Gabba and Foofa is still your favorite character.
*You say that your favorite color is pink, but sometimes orange. 
*You officially know all of your colors really well.
*You can recognize most of your letters and numbers.
*You count with one-to-one correspondence a surprising amount of times compared to when you don't use one-to-one correspondence. 
*You love to count and will count everything that you can. 
*You also love to read and will read books with the cutest inflection. You have a great concept of print so far too :) 
*You love to throw and catch and are catching pretty well these days. 
September 2012 Memories (31-32 Months):
*You just started to say "okay" instead of "otay". 
*Baby sister is walking and you like to push her over sometimes :( we are working on that. 
*You LOVE airplanes and will pause anytime that you hear one overhead. 
*You were an honorary flower girl in your Aunt Bow's wedding this month. 
*You say "thank you" instead of "ishu" now. 
*After I pick you up from school, you always say "I had so fun with friends." You will also get really excited because you know that we are on our way next to pick up baby sister. 
*You say "water" sometimes instead or "wawer" now.
*You sing your ABCs with 90% of the correct letters now.
*You still love Yo Gabba Gabba, but are watching more Winnie the Pooh again towards the end of the month. 
*You had your fall pictures made at school and the turned out really cute. 
October 2012 Memories (32-33 Months): 
*You learned new songs in school "I'm bringing home a baby bumblebee" and "deep and wide"
*You love chapel at your school and sing all of your chapel songs. 
*You also learned the song "Monkeys Jumpin on the Bed" this month at school.
*You went to the pumpkin patch at the beginning of the month and LOVED it. You had a great time picking all of your favorites and putting them in our wagon. 
*You say that your best friends are "Chloe, Meagan, and Adelle" you also like "Ethan"
*You are really into the show Imagination Movers and call it "agiation movers" this month.  Nina is your favorite character. 
*We started potty training this month, and you are doing awesome! You woke up dry for the first time on October 25th and went straight to the potty. No accidents the first day you went to school in big girl panties!
*You recognize and identify the shapes: rectangle, circle, square, oval, diamond (and hexagon some of the time). 
*You can recognize your name among other names and you can identify all the letters in your name, and most of the letters in the alphabet. 
*You know all of your numbers up to 10 and can say all of your numbers to 15. 
*You had such a fun time trick-or-treating this year. You would say "thank you" at most houses without being reminded. You got to help us hand out candy when we got home, and you would say "you're welcome" after they said "thank you." You were so serious about your job too!
*By the beginning of November, you are 90% potty trained at home, but only about 75% when we're out and about for a long time. We're so proud of you though!

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