Sunday, December 15, 2013

Iron Bowl 2013

This Iron Bowl will go down in history as the best Iron Bowl ever;  not only because its' amazingly awesome finish, but because of the high stakes involved as well as the back and forth of the entire game.  The game showed that Nick Saban is, in fact, fallible, and he was out-coached by our fearless leader, Gus Malzahn (not to mention the many missed field goals by Alabama).

What made this Iron Bowl so memorable for us this year, is the fact that we were able to watch it at the condo with my whole family (and finally with another Auburn alum, Ralson).   It was a little hard to watch because it was so close, but it was well worth it in the end.  Every time that I would go into my room, Auburn would start doing well, so I stayed there for much of the fourth quarter.  Because of this, I didn't see the .01 second 109 yard touchdown run, but I knew it had to be good when I heard everyone cheering and screaming "Auburn's going to win!".  It was such an unexpected surprise after I had wrapped my head around an overtime game.  Poor Josh was the only Alabama fan in the room, and he definitely wasn't too happy about the outcome, but he got over it (eventually).

It was icing on the cake to a perfect week in Florida!
Auburn's little good-luck charm and one confused baby

pre-Iron Bowl...a ittle foreshadowing

Grant's first  Iron Bowl: house divided onesie

Touchdown AUBURN!
watching the first half of the game at The Ale House during lunch

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