Friday, December 6, 2013

Picking our Christmas Tree

We usually pick out our Christmas tree the first weekend in December and decorate it while we watch the SEC championship game.  However, this year Thanksgiving was so late, and the first week in December is late as well, so we went ahead this week and picked it out.  The girls had such a fun time running around looking at all of the trees.  Alli kept using the tree water funnel as a real funnel (flash forward to her high school/collage years), and it was her favorite part about the tree excursion. Grant was a great trooper, and was so calm in his car seat while we got our tree.  He happened to explode all over his clothes too, which led to him having to ride back home with just his diaper (good thing it was in the 70s on Wednesday night!).

Now that the tree is up and lit, I am feeling the pressure to decorate it (and I just need to find the time).  Lila keeps asking "where are the bells", which I'm guessing means ornaments. I'm sure one day before Christmas I will get around to it :)

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