Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Look Back...

...at 2013

*Found out we were pregnant with Grant on the 5th!
*Celebrated Alli's half birthday on the 13th
*Had Josh's family come to visit and celebrate Lila's birthday with us
*Celebrated Lila's 3rd birthday with a party at the Painted Potter.

*Started the month off with a trip to Disney World for Lila's 3rd birthday (Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Dinner with Cinderella).
*We announced our pregnancy on the blog and Facebook.
*Celebrated Lila's good friends' birthdays.
*Had a Rodeo party at Happy Harbour.

*Had an early ultrasound and the tech guess another girl.
*Spent some time on Spring Break at the Children's Museum and Galveston Beach.
*Celebrated Easter late in the month with visiting the Easter Bunny, attending a wonderful service at University Baptist Church, and having lunch with our Sunday School friends.

*We found out we were having a baby boy!
*We went strawberry picking with friends.
*Got to see baby Grant on the ultrasound at 18 weeks.
*Went to Atlanta, then to Charleston, for Kristin Mears's wedding.

*Went to Virginia Beach for Jeff Baker's wedding.
*Celebrated Mother's Day, and the girls and Josh spoiled me.
*Got to see Grant on the ultrasound again due to a previous cyst.  
*Said goodbye to our wonderful Angelfish teachers at Happy Harbour.

*Put the girls into the same room, and they love it.
*Summer arrived in full force, and we got to spend some time outside in the water.
*Played around in a lemonade stand.
*Started swim lessons at Acrosport.
*Celebrated Father's Day with Josh.
*Had a fun night out at the MOMs Club annual dinner.

*Went to Atlanta for a baby sprinkle for baby Grant.
*Celebrated Alli's 2nd birthday in Texas with a party at The Little Gym.
*Had a fun birthday party for America at our church.
*Got to see Grant's sweet face in 3D.
*Celebrated our FIVE year wedding anniversary.
*I coached Lila's first soccer game.

*Had a sprinkle for Grant in Texas.
*Had a baby shower by my awesome tennis friends in Texas.
*Josh and I did a little maternity shoot at Challenger Park.
*The girls started their first year of Kennedy dance.
*The girls got to meet their new teachers at Happy Harbour for the 2013-2014 year.

*The girls had their last day of Acrosport and their gymnastics performance.
*The girls started the Angelfish and Sea Turtle classes at Happy Harbour.
*Baby Grant was born on the 13th!
*Had fun with family in town for Grant's birth day.

*Watched the girls become awesome big sisters.
*Visited the pumpkin patch a couple times.
*Had fun carving pumpkins that we picked.
*Played around at Happy Harbour's Fall Festival.
*Had a blast at the Halloween party at the Children's Museum.
*Had a great Halloween.
*Adjusted to life with a newborn again.

*Had fun watching princesses ice skate at Disney on Ice.
*Visited Santa for the first time as sisters and brother at the mall.
*Visited Santa at Happy Harbour as well.
*Alli loved Santa this year!
*Had a wonderful Thanksgiving week in Destin, Florida.
*Watched the best Iron Bowl in the history of Iron Bowls!

*Watched the girls dance at Village on the Green.
*Watched the girls' sing Christmas songs at their preschool program.
*Had an awesome Christmas at our house in Texas.
*Had a good week in Atlanta a few days after Christmas to celebrate with family.

We have been blessed beyond belief in 2013, and I am looking forward to what 2014 may bring.  There are so many uncertainties  that will come this year with Josh's job, to when the Coast Guard will let him go/dissolve his job, to when our house will sell, to where we will be living.  God has a plan for our family, and I will have to learn to trust and obey much better this coming year! 

Happy happy 2014!!

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