Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Children's Museum Halloween Party

On the Monday before Halloween, we attended the Children's Museum of Houston's member's-only Halloween party.  We went to their Christmas party last year, and it was so well-run that we figured this one would be the same.  They had two time slots to sign up for to attend, so it regulated the crowds really well.
There were trick-or-treating sessions set up at various checkpoints throughout the museum, and they gave each child one piece per station.  I was so glad that it wasn't a "stuff-your-kid-full-of-as-much-candy-as-possible" type party, and the girls were completely satisfied with the few pieces that they were given.

Lila has her favorite route that we do at the museum, so she led the way and showed daddy what she does at each part.  Of course, we had to start at the H.E.B, since that is her very favorite part.  Next was the painting station, Vet center, and then outside to the pumpkin patch, waterworks, and chicken hut.
The girls had a blast making crafts, decorating mini pumpkins, trick-or-treating, and playing at the museum party, and we are already looking forward to their Christmas party!

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