Friday, November 15, 2013

Two Months Old *November 12, 2013*

Two whole months has gone by, and each one passes quicker than the first!  He is such a serious baby, but he has started to smile and smirk at us when we talk to him.  He is such a cuddle-bug, and would prefer to be held if he had his way! He is such a perfect completion to our family, and the girls still can't get enough of him!
Here's what you're up to lately:

*You weigh 10 pounds and 6.1 ounces (18%) and are 22.25 inches tall (22%). You are long and lean. 

*You are sleeping pretty well these days.  You usually fall asleep between 8:30 and 9:30pm and will wake up for the first time between 1:30 and 3am. You are usually up at least every two hours after that, and you want to be up for good around 5:30am, so I put you in bed with me and you'll fall back asleep for a bit. 

*You sleep swaddled in two blankets so you can't get to your hands. They wake you up when you can get to them. 

*You are awake for most of the day now.  You'll take a morning nap, but it's pretty scattered since we're usually out of the house (and it's mostly in your carseat).  You take a great afternoon nap from around 2:30 until 5:30pm. 
*you are still nursing like a champ! You want to eat, and it's super exhausting.  You've gotten many more bottles lately because I've had to leave you in various nursery's or with daddy for different reasons (tennis, jr league meeting, workout time, editing, and photography shoots). 

*You drink around 4 ounces at a time from a bottle, and you will nurse for at least 20 minutes each session, most of the time you'll nurse around 30 minutes.  

*you still like your Avent bottles, and you have also enjoyed a Tommy Tippee bottle. 
*you are starting to take your Mam paci more often than your Soothie, but you're still not a huge paci baby. 

*you are wearing 3 months and 0-3 month onesies now.  

*you are in size one diapers, and even those are getting snug around the middle. You still have a way to go before you'll need size 2's though. 
*you still only like your swing when you are really tired and really full. 

*you recognize our voices and will turn your head towards the sounds we make. You can follow our faces as well and are able to track objects with your eyes. You love to listen to Lila talk to you, and both of your sisters love to get in your face. 
*your hands are always clenched in fists.  When they get sweaty, they smell like stinky feet (such a boy already!)

*you can lift your head about 90 degrees when laying on your stomach. During tummy time, you love to push your legs forward and back like you are trying to crawl. 

*you first rolled from your tummy to your back at six weeks old. 

*you can hold your head steady when we hold you upright. You will still let it flop forward on occasion, but not very often. You are getting so strong!

*you are starting to smile finally!  I noticed your first real smile right at 8 weeks.  You don't have the biggest smile, but you definitely smile with your eyes and give us lots of little smirks. 

*you are starting to "coo" and it sounds precious! 

*You really enjoy sitting in your Bumbo seat. You love to sit up in my lap too. The doctor was amazed at your head control when she saw you today!

*You had your 2-month check-up today, and you were great with your shots! You cried more because I had to lay you down on the table than you did when you actually got the shots.  I'm hoping that they make you sleep a little more today...but so far, no such luck! You are acting the same as usual, just wanting to eat and be held all day!

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