Saturday, November 16, 2013

Disney on Ice

We took the girls to Disney on Ice last weekend, and they LOVED it! They thought they had gone back to Disney world when the show started.  We let them pick out a few (over-priced) "treasures" from the gift carts when we first got there, so every character that came on the ice, Lila would hold up her prizes to show them.  She loved waving her Cinderella and Ariel dolls to the respective princesses, and she borrowed Alli's Buzz to show the Toy Story characters when it was their time to skate.  It was so true to character that Lila picked out the princess purse and Alli chose Buzz Lightyear.  It was a great show, and I'm so glad that we brought the girls.
Grant's ready for the show too
impatiently waiting to go inside
mesmerized by the show

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