Sunday, November 10, 2013

Lila: August-November 2013

I was pretty terrible at keeping up with these updates the past three months, but understandably so. Lila looks so grown up all of a sudden and is growing to be such a sweet, thoughtful person. She is the absolute best helper and definitely one of the reasons that this transition to three kids has been pretty seamless!
August-September 2013:
*You saw your first movie (Planes) on August 24th. You enjoyed it, and you loved the popcorn.
*You met your new teachers at Happy Harbour, Ms. Dee and Ms. Tracie.  You love your new class and have many friends that are in there with you.
*You finished your Summer soccer season, thank goodness. You had a great time playing with your teammates.
September-October 2013:
*You officially started 3-year preschool this month, and you love it.
*You got a new baby brother this month, and you are completely in love with him.  You always give him kisses and love to sit and watch me feed him.
*You have many funny sayings, but this month, you love to say "to the morrow" when you mean "tomorrow".  Everything is "I'll do it to the morrow".
*You started "nursing" your baby dolls (you even switch sides halfway though haha), and it's so funny to watch you take care of them like I take care of Grant.
October-November 2013:
*You weigh 30.4 pounds and are about 38 inches tall.
*You had a great time being Dorothy for Halloween.
*You had talked about Halloween since late July, and you were so glad to finally get to trick-or-treat
*You are still so sweet with your brother, and even gave him a bottle all by yourself without being asked.
*You still call your favorite breakfast "pink opiop" for pink oatmeal.
*You are loving your teachers and your class, and your favorite little boy is Jackson.
*You are turning into the sweetest child and are so helpful!
*The other day, I was getting ready to go out to dinner with friends and you said "mommy, you look so beautiful! No, mommy, you ARE so beautiful" It was so genuine and so sincere, and it melted my heart!

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