Monday, January 3, 2011

11 Months Old

I'm so sad that this is my last Lila update post before my BABY becomes a 1-year old!! Where did this past year go?? I was looking back at my posts from this month last year and it made me smile. This time last year I was getting everything ready for Miss Lila's big debut, and now she is almost walking, talking, and is eating all the people food that she can get her hands on. It's crazy to think that this time last year she wasn't even here, but now she can do so many things and already has such a grand personality!
Here's what you're up to lately:

*You weigh 19.7 pounds, and I have no idea how tall you are! If I were to guess, I'd say around 28 inches.

*Eating three BIG meals per day, usually what we're eating, but when I'm not eating too healthy (i.e. McDonalds), I make you your own food such as a turkey/cheese sandwich or macaroni and cheese.

*Still drinking between 20-30 ounces of formula per day. I think you are definitely growing, because you eat and drink a TON!

*You are still in size 3 diapers and wearing mostly 12 month clothes, but you can still fit into a lot of your 9-month clothes.

*We're still waiting on those top four teeth to pop through. We've been able to see them for the past month and a half, but they are working their way out, and not seeming to bother you too much other than a runny nose.

*You are able to stand up from a sitting position without the help of an object, which looks really funny because you are so little.

*You love to walk your walking toys all around the house.

*You love to stand and drink your bottle, if you aren't standing, you like to get into a one knee up kneeling position to drink it. The point is, you don't like to sit still.

*You love to drop things on the ground and say "uh-oh" over and over.

*You still love to say "mama" and "dada" and actually say it to the right person.

*You are drinking more and more from a sippy cup, and get used to it because come February 3, no more bottles!

*You love to pick up everything in sight, especially carpet fuzz or dog hair. We have to watch you really well or else you would eat Chevy hair right off of him (yuck!!!).

*You love to play patty-cake and you still smile and dance whenever we sing the Welcome Song from your music class.

*You still love your dog, Chevy, and wait for him to help me get you up in the morning.

*You love books and love it even more when I read them to you.

*You had your very first Christmas, and were such a trooper through the long flight, long drives, and long days! You had such a great time watching the snow fall and visiting with your family.

This time next month we will be in Atlanta celebrating your first birthday with a cowgirl party for you at your Grammy and Granddaddy's house! We are so excited for the little person you are becoming and can't wait to see what your second year holds!


  1. She'll always be your baby girl way after you stop counting in months:)

  2. Gosh! Can you believe how fast time flies? How is it possible that these babies are about the be a year? I hope you guys enjoy your last month before the big day!! Hope to see you soon.

  3. Time really does fly with little ones! I find it comforting to know that Springer isn't the only child who seems to find every last clump of dog hair (even after you swear you've cleaned really well!!) They get even more fun each month :-) Congrats on your new little one!



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