Saturday, January 29, 2011

Special Family Birthday Saturday

Lila's birthday is this coming Thursday, although I cannot even believe it is only a few days away!! Since we're going to be a having a rather large party for her in Atlanta, we wanted to first celebrate here in Texas with out little family unit. After Lila's nap yesterday morning, we dressed her in one of her birthday dresses and took her to the park to play, walk around, and of course, take some lots of pictures of her! It was a beautiful, partly cloudy day today which was perfect weather for what we wanted to do outside! After letting her play for a while, we went to eat a fun lunch. I can't really get her to each much more than berries or bananas these days, but she did okay on her turkey and cheese sandwich. After lunch, we all went back home, and Josh got the cake ready for her. He couldn't decide which one to buy, so he bought a cute giant cupcake and a mini-pink butterfly cake. He put candles in both and presented them to her as we sang "Happy Birthday." She didn't quite know what to expect, but dug into the cake right away. She picked her favorite one, so we'll save the giant cupcake for ourselves :) She LOVED the cake (who wouldn't right?!?!)...and so did Chevy. She fed Chevy a good bit of cake, and he also snuck in several licks when she wasn't looking. I'm so glad that we could celebrate at our house with just us three before her big party next weekend!

 feeding Chevy a taste

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