Monday, January 31, 2011

And the WINNER is...

We are so excited to be blessed with another precious baby GIRL!!! Allison Neal Gentry will be here on or around July 20th. Allison is my grandmother's maiden name, and Neal is my dad's name. Needless to say, our new little Alli will have quite the family name! I absolutely loved (and still love) having a sister-although my sister doesn't remember it as fondly being bossed around by me haha-so, I'm SO glad that Lila and Alli will have each other and grow up so close in age! I just hope they love each other and get along, but I'm sure they will have their moments just like my sister and me at various points in our childhood!  Another plus is not having to buy all new pajamas and various clothing items that can be reused! I, of course, will be dressing them in matching clothes as long as they let me, however. I let my mom match all of us until I was 11! I can only hope to get 11 years out of matching my precious girls :) Josh is already in love with his new baby girl, and I'm sure she'll be a daddy's girl just like Lila!

Here are some pictures of our Alli at 15 weeks 5 days:
 Her nose in the picture above looks just like Lila's, I really hope they look alike :)


  1. Congratulations KariBeth! That is such exciting news! I am sure the girls will get along great - I love having an older sister and since we are only two years apart, we are so close!

  2. SO exciting! And I love her name :) congrats on your beautiful, growing family!

  3. What exciting news KariBeth!! Congratulations to you and your little family. Lila is going to love having a baby sister! Looking forward to seeing you next weekend =)



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