Saturday, January 22, 2011

Our morning in pictures

Lila is into anything and everything these days and is quite the busy little bee! Here are some pictures to describe our mornings around the Gentry house. This explains why I haven't gained any weight this pregnancy yet...I'm following this little one and her travels!
 How do I get into that room, mommy??
 can't get into that room, so I'll just find something else to get into
 Why is Chevy outside and I'm not?? 
 I'm going to push open the door to mommy and daddy's room, what's in here?
 aww, I found a pretty card on the floor of mommy and daddy's room, who is it from?
 That was fun, now off to the kitchen...
 Why can't I get up these stairs?? I want to climb!
 I do not like wearing my sweater, it's so restricting!...but it does match my outfit SO well!
Come on, mom, and grab the diaper bag, I'm ready to go out!

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