Sunday, February 27, 2011

Houston Rodeo Parade

Yesterday, the Houston Rodeo was kicked off with a big parade down the streets of downtown Houston. There were tons of horses, floats, and bands to ring in the festivities. Something neat that I learned yesterday was that the horses weren't driven in on a trailer, they were actually RODE in from wherever they came from! Some even rode in as far as Arkansas. It gave me a whole new appreciation for the beautiful horses in the parade.

Lila and I went with our friend Kim and her little boy Brody. Kim has lived here in Houston for several years now, but this was both her and my first time seeing the Rodeo parade. She usually does the 10K Rodeo run which goes on at the same time, which I hope to do next year! We had such a great time, and I officially feel like a Texan! I can't wait to attend some of the Rodeo festivities (Tim McGraw is performing!!).
 excited for the parade to start
 Lila, Me, Kim, and Brody
 All the pretty horses
 Fast Asleep for the last bit of the parade


  1. So fun!

    We didn't make it to the Parade but, we walked to Memorial from the house and watched all of te Trail Riders ride from the park to downtown! Kate loved seeing the horses!

  2. Looked like fun!! And super cute passed out little one :)

  3. Just started following your blog (so cute!) and have seen your comments on mine. :-) The chair I got for our nursery was from and it's made by Little Castle. I finally sat in it and it's super comfy!



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