Thursday, February 3, 2011

One Year Ago Today

Our lives changed forever! Little 7 pound 9.3 ounce Lila Elizabeth was born at 7:38 a.m. and melted our hearts from the moment her little eyes looked up at us. She was wide-eyed and had a look about her that she was taking in the world around her piece by piece. I will never forget those first few moments of having her in my arms and looking into those new, precious blue eyes; it was as if the world stood still.
very first moment of holding her
cozy in the hospital bassinet
Lila has changed quite a bit since that wonderful morning! Here are pictures from each of her photo shoots this year (poor girl has only had a few pictures taken of her...haha).
 7 days old-2/10/10
 Almost 3 months old-4/23/10
 6 months old-8/8/10
8 months old-10/8/10
9 months old-11/10/10
 12-month portrait by me :) 1/29/11
Enjoying her birthday cake

This morning we are going to take her 12-month portraits with Laura Negri at a park in downtown Atlanta, and we can't wait to see how they turn out! I'm sure they will be wonderful as usual! I am a decent photographer, but nothing like Laura! We are off to get ready for her first birthday Cowgirl party on Saturday. 12-month milestone post is coming later :) 

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  1. It's such a shame that these poor kids won't have any baby pictures to look back on when they are older...hahahahaha!



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