Thursday, March 28, 2013

February and March iPhone picture dump

Here are the pictures I've taken on my little phone that didn't resort in their own blog post: 
loving the gown they made her wear at her 3 year doctor check up
pre-Valentine's party day at school
Valentine's day cake for breakfast
happy V-day to me from Josh 

9 weeks around Valentine's Day
walking out of church
walking into church
sick girl missed her rodeo day at school
mad at daddy for pushing her down the slide
day 1 of her 3-day sickness :(
big sister in training
ice cream treat with mommy and Lila

reading Tiana while watching Tiana

cupcake for Yeye's birthday
relaxing with my baby
a little "Josh" wine and Duck Dynasty book
"No, I dont want to take the picture...ever!"

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