Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lila's First Trip to the Dentist

I don't know why I stressed about this and put it off for so long (I think I was projecting my own hatred of going to the dentist on her), but it was such a wonderful experience!!

We went to The Lakes Dental just minutes from our house, and it was great because they also have an adult dentist on staff so I was able to get my teeth cleaned all in the same visit while a sitter stayed with Alli at home. Lila went first, and the dentist was so shocked at how well she did with each step. They counted her teeth, brushed her teeth, and they even flossed her teeth.  She sat so still the whole time, which was a big shocker to me! She was really interested in all of the equipment they were using and even got to wear a matching purple glove.

The staff at The Lakes is so nice, and the setup is just perfect. They have tv's attached to the top of the chairs so that the kids have something to look at while the dentist is cleaning, which was perfect for Lila.

Once she was finished, it was my turn.  They brought in a little chair for Lila to sit in right next to me, and she colored while I was getting my teeth cleaned. She kept saying "good job, mommy" like I was saying to her haha. I think she knew I needed a little moral support :). A staff member stayed by her and colored and talked with her for the rest of the time, and Lila loved it. She didn't want to leave when I was done and wanted to watch movies in the waiting room instead of going home. I think she also liked being with mom all by herself and felt like such a big girl.  I had a fun morning with my oldest baby!
excited about seeing the dentist
she thought the chair leaning backwards was so scary
counting her teeth
enjoying her sugar free lollipop after her cleaning


  1. I'm glad that Lila did great!!! :)

  2. I’m glad to hear that Lila was cooperative and didn’t cry on her first dental visit. She had a good start, so I’m sure her next dental checkups will go smoothly. Coupled with good dental hygiene, I’m sure she’ll grow up to have a sparkling set of teeth.

  3. Wow, good job for your big girl! It's important to instill the importance of good oral hygiene to our children. It's amazing how she handled the whole process considering this is her first dental visit. I think the friendly atmosphere of the clinic made it more pleasing for her. Good job, Lila!

    Thanh Arnett



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