Thursday, March 21, 2013

Galveston Beach Day

On Saturday of Spring Break, Josh was finally home and we decided to take the girls to the beach since the weather was going to be so nice and warm.  The girls had such a great time playing in the sand, and Lila got to be a pro at building "princess castles." Alli had the best time throwing the ball and chasing after it, and then Lila joined in, but she preferred to kick it.  (I forgot the camera card to my nice camera, so iPhone photos are all that I had to work with!). 

Once we got hungry, we decided to pack it up and move to the Rainforest Cafe for lunch. They have an outside patio that wasn't crowded at all and was absolutely perfect for us.  Lila loved watching the alligator in the water below our table, and the girls both got to meet the Rainforest Cafe Frog.  It was a truly perfect day. 
I just love those little beach bottoms :)
Alli did a lot of snacking

being silly 

sunbathing on our bellies
daddy improvised a pillow

13 week belly

loving on the Rainforest Cafe Frog

what she does at restaurants
pondering what to eat for lunch
excited for pink ice cream dessert

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