Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spring Break at the Children's Museum

Yesterday, the girls and I didn't have a plan, so last minute we decided to head up to the Children's Museum in Houston.  The girls absolutely love that place, and Alli is getting to be big enough to really enjoy the Kidtropolis area.

They had the best time playing in the Vet Clinic, and Lila spotted the painting room from across the busy building, so we had to make a stop there for sure. I set her paper up for her and she went to town making her painting.  She LOVES to paint! I didn't want to risk the huge mess that Alli would make with paint, so we stuck to the crayons with her. She had just as much fun, and she even enjoyed watching big sister make her masterpiece.

After they finished their art, we shopped around the pretend HEB while Lila's art dried.  We then made our way upstairs to the Tot Spot, which is Alli's favorite place. Lila almost wasn't allowed in since she is over three, but the nice man made an exception. I think next time we go, we may need to fib on her birthday so that Alli can enjoy her favorite playroom with her sister. The girls both had such a fun time playing and pitched huge fits when it was time to leave.  Of course, we got stuck in the massive traffic jam that has become a south Houston staple due to the construction lane by the Beltway, but the girls were good in the car for the hour and a half that it took us to get home!

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  1. Looks like a great museum I love Lila's picture - it looks like a rainbow with a cross on top- a great reminder of God's promises and his sacrifice. I hope you saved that one.



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