Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Georgia Aquarium

While Josh was away at a bachelor party, the girls and I took a trip to Atlanta to visit my family.  It was super cold and cloudy/rainy, so we decided to have some indoor fun and take the girls to visit the Georgia Aquarium again.  My brother, sister, and dad were also able to get off of work and join us for the day, so it was extra great! The girls were amazed at all of the fish, and Lila loved seeing the shark.  Alli was in pure wonder the entire time, and she even met a little friend at one point.

We got to eat lunch in the ballroom, which overlooks the beluga whales.  The girls loved being able to watch the whales without the crowds around them. It got pretty crowded later in the afternoon, so we left pretty soon after the dolphin show.  The girls really enjoyed the dolphin show, even though Alli was scared during the thunder and lightning part. We are already looking forward to going back again soon.

Lila was excited to see "Dory" from Nemo
Alli's little friend that she met

mean ole' grouper
having fun with Aunt Bow

watching the diver question and answer time

she kept thinking this little guy was Nemo

eating lunch by the Beluga Whales
hanging out in the penguin tunnel

little otters sleeping on each other

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