Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Children's Museum Visit

I feel like I started a trend of visiting the children's museum at 37 weeks pregnant, since I took Lila there when Alli was about to be born also.  It's not a bad place to go when you're that huge and uncomfortable though as it's nice and cool, and the kids play alone most of the time.

Lila really enjoys the museum and is starting to remember all of the fun things that she does there. When we first walked in the door she said, "I want to go put food in my basket", so we made our way to the little HEB grocery store first.

We met up with our friends from Bible study , and Lila was SO excited to see Travis! They are such cute little friends, and it was fun to see them play together.  I just love his mom, Ronda, and I had a great morning visiting as well.  Alli is finally old enough to do everything that Lila can do without me having to chase her all over the place and constrain her to the stroller (which was so nice).  She hung right in there with the "big" kids, Lila and Travis, and everyone played together really well. There were a few tears shed when it was time to go as Lila and Travis didn't want to say goodbye to each other, but I'm sure we will get them together again soon!

Alli was proud of the bread she found for her basket

"eating some food" at Niko Nikos

Lila's cooking up a good meal at Niko Nikos

making a snake bracelet

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