Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lila Plays Soccer...sort of

Josh has really done a great job as a coach this Summer with Lila's soccer team (they are all so cute), and considering we have a really young team compared with everyone else, they've done really well. All of the kids seem to really like the practice at the beginning, but once the game starts, half our team gets a little hot and restless (Lila would be included in this group).  Every now and then, she'll get in the game and hustle, but for the most part, she likes to pick grass, dance with Alli, and lay on the bench waiting for snack time :) She did block a goal this past weekend though, for which we were all proud of her! I think she is finally getting comfortable with everyone running towards the same little ball and is getting more brave. Here are some pictures from the season:

Super dad...coaching #1 while holding #2
Alli's in her favorite place in the whole world

how Alli keeps herself entertained during Lila's games

Lila and her friend, Ava in the rain

dancing with sister during the game
teammates don't shake hands, teammates have to HUG

woo hoo, Lila's in the action finally!

a little pep talk

hugs after two hot and sweaty games

shaking hands at the end

yes, that is a mini Barbie in her hand during the game

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