Wednesday, August 21, 2013

July iPhone dump

July was a busy month with soccer, Alli's birthday, our five-year anniversary, and getting ready for baby Grant.  Here are some iPhone photos from the month: 

the girls with their friend, Collin, from Bible study

Alli enjoying a birthday cinnamon roll
gave up my BMW for a mini van
too bad I had to leave the BMW there, but we got to take the cute blue van home :)
not wanting to take a picture with me on her birthday

playing on Edaddy's iPad

Alli thinks the van is her playground

pouting before her party

riding the dinosaur at Toys R Us

testing out her new roller skates

excited for her new soccer shoes

doing a little work with daddy
she had to keep her Keds on 24/7 this month

celebrating 5 years!

Alli and me before our anniversary dinner

she loves to give baby Grant kisses

ready for soccer, but the game was rained out
silly diaper head

little ghosts after swimming in the back yard

sharing some Cheesecake Factory cheesecake

love that naked booty

again with the Keds at bedtime

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