Saturday, August 17, 2013

Tennis Ladies Baby Shower

I have been blessed with an awesome tennis team here in Texas.  They are not only great tennis players, and so much fun to play with, they are also a fun and rowdy bunch that loves to laugh!

I knew that when they offered to throw me a baby shower, it wouldn't be a typical baby shower. Kellie hosted it at her house and came up with the most fun and creative games. Of course, when you get a bunch of competitive ladies together, every game is a fun challenge. There was a Price is Right game with baby items, baby food tasting game, guess how big I am game, and the craziest of all: charades with baby-themed actions, movies, and songs to act out.  The charades were hysterical, and my cheeks hurt from laughing so hard by the end of the night!

The food was so delicious too! Kellie made a healthy pasta, salad, and bread, and Suzette made us a wonderful angel food cake.  They were such sweet hostesses, and I really appreciate all of their hard work and planning!  The ladies were so generous in their gifts for baby Grant, and I'm so thankful for their friendship.
Price is Right game items
Me and one of my hostesses, Suzette
Sherry had to wear some shoes to channel Keren since she wasn't able to make it
Leslie with her prize from the Price is Right game
my answer sheet
Mary didn't do too well
38 inches around...sheesh
Mary wins with a guess of 39
Vicki didn't like the taste of the baby food
Winning tower of tennis balls and wine
"Two men and a baby"
"giving birth"
talking about how we were going to act out the next one...
"how baby is made"
"changing a diaper"
"water breaking"
adorable hand-made quilt from Sharon
Baby Gap clothes and socks from Mary
Grant's first cowboy REAL pair of cowboy boots from Bonnie
sleeper, swaddles, and sleep sack from Vicki 
The crew
my sweet hostesses, Kellie and Suzette

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