Saturday, August 3, 2013

Lila: May-August 2013

May-June 2013 Memories: 

*We moved you and your sister to the same room this month. You absolutely love your new big girl bed, and you and Alli both really love sharing a bedroom with each other.
*You and Alli love to lay in your bed and watch the iPad together.
*You are obsessed with your Cinderella play dress and wear it every afternoon.
*You think you are Cinderella and you call daddy "Prince Daddy" and you call me "Princess Mommy".
*You had your last day of preschool at the end of this month, and it was a sad day for all of us. You will really miss your teachers Ms. Toni and Ms. Renee, and you also said that you miss Ethan.
*You have been saying "mooskit" for the word 'music' here lately. We aren't sure where you got that from, but it's pretty funny!
June-July 2013 Memories: 

*You started summer school at Acrosport this month and you love it. You love your friend Samantha and are having a great time with swim lessons with her.
*You love "pink oapmeal" (strawberry oatmeal), and you eat it every morning for breakfast.
*You are even more obsessed with princesses this month.
*You have gotten better at #2 in the potty, and we haven't had to give you as many "heiny shots".
*You're doing a great job swimming in the pool with your puddle jumper.
*You and Alli still love sharing a room and you are doing much better at staying in your bed during naptime and not destroying everything in your room.
July-August 2013 Memories:
*We celebrated Alli's second birthday, and you had a really hard time with sharing the spotlight. When someone would tell Alli "happy birthday" you would yell and say "it's MY birthday"...even though you tell us that your birthday is February 3rd.
*We had Alli's party at the Little Gym and you were such a great hostess. You greeted all of your friends and were a great listener to the party leaders.
*You started soccer this month and seem to really enjoy it. The games freaked you out a little with everyone chasing after the same ball, but you are happy to be out there.
*You love to play dress up even more now, and your staple outfit is a princess top (either snow white, cinderella, or aurora), plus three skirts (all at the same time-yellow, pink on top of that, and blue on top of all of them).
*You love your friends Samantha, Karsyn, Travis and Anna, and you constantly tell me that they are your best friends (plus Alli sometimes).
*You are really having fun at your summer school, and you love your teacher, Ms. Spring.
*You are still eating strawberry ("pink") oatmeal every morning for breakfast and most days for snack too.
*You recently started asking "When can we go to school to see Ms. Toni and Ms. Renee?". I knew she was going to miss them so much.
*You and Alli play like you are going to school and have to have your milk and water in your backpack when pretending. I'm so glad that you love school. When we asked you what you wanted to learn about at school you said "God".

weight: 30.4 pounds
height: 38 inches

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