Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday and My Birthday

Christ the LORD has RISEN today! Hallelujah! 

Praise be to God for this beautiful day to celebrate the Risen Lord! I'm so thankful for His resurrection and it's meaning in my life, and it is such a special day to celebrate my birthday! 
 Lila's Easter basket from the Easter Bunny
 With her favorite things from her basket: the sunglasses and Elmo eggs
 kisses from daddy
 The aftermath of Lila's Easter basket from Grammy and Granddaddy
 Aftermath of Alli's basket from Grammy and Granddaddy
We started the morning off with Lila exploring the Easter baskets that Josh and I (the Easter bunny) put together for her. She loved her new sunglasses and her Elmo Easter eggs the best, but I love the clothes and cute shoes that she got the best! After she went through our basket, Grammy showed her the basket that she brought for the girls. She loved the Sesame Street critters and books that Grammy got for her, and I loved the matching outfits that were in the bags for the girls. It was so much fun watching her explore her baskets and pick her favorite things from each. 
Granddaddy and Lila before church
Family photo before church
We watched her play with her new things for a few minutes before needing to get ready for church. It was such a lovely church service! I love Easter church services, such a great celebration! After church, we went to Cullens for brunch. They had an enormous brunch with three different rooms filled with food. Of course, we all ate too much, but it's my birthday so the calories don't count :) Lila chowed down on a little bit of everything, but the dessert bar was definitely her favorite (she has such a sweet tooth!). 
My dad and brother had to leave once we got back home to catch their flight (but made a stop at the Kemah boardwalk to ride the roller coaster before leaving). It was so nice having them here for Easter and to celebrate my birthday! My mom is staying to visit until Tuesday, so that will be nice to have an extra couple of days with her. 
 Phillip, Dad, and Lila after brunch
 So windy!
After Lila woke up from her long three and a half hour nap, she got to see her new picnic table that her Mamu and Big Pop gave to her for Easter. We put her afternoon snack on the table, and she had such a great time feeling like a big girl while sitting at her very own table. This will really come in handy, and I think she will really enjoy using it! 

mouth full of blueberries
For dinner tonight, Josh stayed with Lila while my mom and I went out to eat. We really weren't very hungry after the huge meal that we ate for lunch, but still managed to eat two slices of pizza each! Good thing there is no doctor's appointment this week or else he would put me on a diet for sure! :) I had such a wonderful birthday and a great Easter with my family!


  1. Happy Easter and a very, very Happy Birthday to you little mommy! Looks like you guys had a great day! xoxo



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