Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Playing with my borrowed lens

I have to give my borrowed lens back tomorrow *tear*. Here are some pictures that I took around the house and of Lila with this lens.

Alli's name around the house*Or Lila's name if I switched the letters around
 hugs for daddy
 Chevy is trapped
 Josh being silly
 Messy, wet hair just out of the tubby
 intently reading her book
 my sneakers
 Alli's rug
 nursery glider
 growth chart
 A girl can never have too many shoes :)
 ...or clothes
 Alli's baby hats and accessories
 Smiling Lila Boo when getting her up in the morning
 Ready for the day
 Clapping her hands for breakfast
 Stuffing her face with french toast
 Chevy wants a taste
 Gorgeous day outside

1 comment:

  1. The new lens takes great pictures! Hopefully you'll get it for your birthday!



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