Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Gorgeous Sunday

The weather here has been so beautiful the past month, and today was no exception! Lila and I got ready for church early today (what else is new...I'm always early everywhere I go!), so I decided to take her to the park down the street from the church to take some pictures and let her roam around. I just love all of her new spring/summer outfits, and I of course love taking pictures of her in these cute outfits :)
 making her stinky face
 "Lila" bloomers
 sweet face, she loved to play in the water by the waterfall
 The mulch she just tasted must have been sour
 She was fascinated by the drain for some reason
 concentrating and planning her next move


  1. I love her dress! But really, Lila would look adorable in anything!!!

    And I agree that this weather has been amazing!

  2. Ahaha! Carter loves to eat mulch. What a great face ;)



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