Saturday, August 20, 2011

Family Visit

My mom, brother, and sister came into town on Wednesday afternoon for a short, but fun visit. It was the first time that my brother and sister had met Alli, so they were so excited to get here and see her. Unfortunately, my dad and Josh had to work during their visit, but we all had a great time anyways. Lila kept everyone entertained with her silly-ness and was actually really well-behaved in the restaurants that we went to (a change that I hope will stick)! Alli was an angel as usual, and I think she really enjoyed having Grammy watch her on Friday while we all went to see The Help (which was the best movie I've seen in a LONG time!!). Lila, Alli, Chevy, and I were so sad to see them go this morning, but we will see them all again in November (and hopefully earlier, but no plans set yet).

Also, we meant to get an "Allison" picture with Alli (Allison Neal), my sister who's name is Allison Kimberly, and my mom who is Allison Elizabeth, but we were busy playing, feeding, visiting, cleaning and we forgot. We will hopefully get one in November!
 Kimberly holding Alli for the first time
 Grammy and Lila
 Lila wanting to hold her baby sister
 sweet Alli
 Lila is so excited for her family to be here
 Uncle Phillip with Alli
 sweet little feet
 I just love my girls!!
 Another picture in their coordinating outfits! I have to document them while they still fit!
 Alli's not too thrilled with Lila attacking her face like that, but Lila loves to do it!
 kicking in her pack-and-play

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