Wednesday, August 31, 2011

St. Christopher MDO Meet the Teacher Night

Last night we went to Lila's school for a meet-the-teacher night. We didn't get to do this last year because we didn't move to the area until about a month after school had started, so Lila was excited to get a sneak peek of her classroom this year. She is across the hall from her classroom last year and was pretty confused as to why she wasn't going left to her room this time. I can't believe that she isn't in the youngest class anymore, and her teacher from last year, Mrs. Aimie, really gave her lots of love when she saw her again. Lila ran right up to her and gave her a hug, which made her feel good.
 walking into school with daddy 
Her teachers this year are Ms. Denise and Ms. Amy, and they seem to be such sweet ladies. Lila had a great time last night meeting a couple of the boys that will be in her class as well as playing with the toys and reading the books. She got really upset when we were leaving and wanted to take the Winnie the Pooh book with her, so I'm sure she will be excited to play next week when school officially starts. I know that I can't wait for her to be in school :) !!
 playing with her new friend-they are only 10 days apart
 sitting on Ms. Denise's lap
 the door to her new classroom

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  1. Such a big girl going to school! Love her little romper :)



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