Saturday, August 13, 2011

One Month Old *August 13, 2011*

Wow, what a fast month it has been! Alli has already grown and changed so much in these past few weeks, and we're really trying to soak up all that this age has to give (lack of sleep and all!). They grow way too fast, and this newborn stage just doesn't last long enough. She is already so opposite of her sister in her likes and dislikes, so we are eager to see how her personality will be different as well. We're so blessed to have such a beautiful, healthy little girl, and we are having so much fun watching her grow and really come alive.
Here's what you're up to this month:

*you weigh 9 pounds and are about 20 inches long. (Daddy and I measured you with a tape measure, so it's not the most accurate thing, but it was close enough!)

*you are sleeping pretty well. You start off sleeping between 3-5 hours (from about 9-1 or 2), and then you wake about every 2.5-3 hours after that throughout the night. You want to be up for good between 8 and 10am. 
*you sleep swaddled from the waste down in your bassinet. You get so mad if you can't get to your hands, so we only swaddle you just to keep your bottom half warm in our cold room. 

*you are starting to be awake more throughout the day. You will give us 2-4 hour stretches of awake time with 2-3 hours of nap times in between.
*you are still nursing like a champ! You want to eat every 1.5-3 hours depending on the time of day. You like to cluster feed in the evening between 6-8pm, which is exhausting, but it helps you sleep longer. 

*you will take an Avent bottle somewhat well. You don't seem to like any other kinds, and the bottle sometimes makes you mad when you want to nurse. We try and give you at least one per day at around 8pm so that you will stay used to it. You take between 1-2.5 ounces at a time in your bottle. 
*you are finally taking a paci and really enjoy the newborn Mam pacifiers. You aren't a fan of any other kind. 

*your starting to wear some of your 0-3 month clothes and your newborn clothes are getting too snug, as well as your newborn diapers. 
*you like your swing okay, but could do without it. Sometimes at night, I put you in your swing, but don't turn it on, just to lift your head up so that your nose doesn't become stuffy after your feedings. You are only happy in your swing if you are well-fed, and it doesn't immediately put you to sleep. You really like to watch the animals turn around while the music plays on your swing as well. 

*you recognize our voices and will turn your head towards the sounds we make. You can follow our faces as well and are able to track objects with your eyes.
*you can lift your head about 45 degrees when laying on your stomach. During tummy time, you love to push your legs forward and back like you are trying to crawl. You also like tummy time a lot more than Lila did!

*you are getting really good about holding your head up straight when we hold you. You are getting so strong!
*we caught you smiling (really smiling, not just the sleep smiles), for the first time last week. It was the sweetest thing!

*you love to roll from your back to your side. At night when we lay you on your back, you immediately roll onto your side. You favor your right side, but will roll to the left on occasion. 
*you aren't so sure about the Baby Bijorn yet. When you are awake, you either want to be held or sitting in your bouncy seat. You also love your car seat and fall asleep the second that we take off in the car or stroller.
*you had two well-baby check-ups this month: one at 5 days old and the other at 3 weeks old. At your last check-up, you had to get blood drawn for a PKU screening. You did pretty well and only cried for a bit. 
showing everyone that she's #1

We love watching you grow and change, and cannot wait to see what you will learn next month!

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  1. Carter would only (and still only) take the MAm pacifiers too! And it only took us $67 and countless different brands to figure that out hahaha



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