Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Three Weeks Old

It's a big day for my girls! Lila is 18 months today, and Alli is three weeks old. Alli is starting to become more awake and alert and is such a sweetheart! She loves to nurse, but is giving me a little bit more of a break in between feedings than she had in the past couple of weeks, which has been nice! She sleeps really well at night and can even get herself back to sleep when she wakes up most of the time. I just love watching Lila interact with her, and I can't wait until she can interact back with Lila. It's been a great three weeks with our new little blessing!
 playing in mommy's bed this morning
 Lila loves her little sister
 picking up her head already, she almost rolled off the ottoman, what a strong little squirt!
 big yawn

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