Monday, November 14, 2011

Inspirational Words for Student Parents

As some of you know, I am currently working on my Masters in Elementary Education with a Reading Endorsement from the University of West Florida's online campus. Going back to school has been a challenge in itself, but add in two children under two and it makes it all that more difficult. I, of course, am no expert, but I do have some words of advice that I can provide to other student parents.

My first piece of advice is to prioritize the little time that you have as well as try to make school an everyday habit. If you make time for your schoolwork each day, whether that be during your children's nap times or after you put them to bed, you will be set up for success.  Half the battle of completing school after becoming a parent is finding the time to devote to your studies. Schedule school in your daily calendar, just as you do each activity for your child, and follow through with your studies.

Another piece of advice that I can give to student parents is to not be afraid to ask your professors for help. I know that we moms think that we can and have to do everything ourselves, but that is just not the case! Your professors are there to help you succeed, and please do not be afraid to ask them to explain something in a different way or to clarify what they are going over for that day.

Lastly, good luck and congratulations for making the decision to go back to school!

(thank you to eCollegeFinder for nominating us for your Top Parenting Blogs Award)

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