Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Jones/Ott Wedding Weekend

Last Wednesday, the girls and I flew to Atlanta to meet up with my family to then travel to Greensboro, North Carolina for our good family friend, Maggie's, wedding. We have been friends with the Jones' for as long as I can remember because their dad (Hugh) was my dad's college roommate. They have stayed such good friends over the years, and Hugh and Sally's three daughters and my sister and I (and my brother too, but he didn't have quite as much fun with all the girls as Kimberly and I did!) all grew up together. I posted about a year ago on her sister, Katie's wedding, and Maggie's was just as much fun!
 Hugh and Alli
 baby bath in the sink
We got to Greensboro late Thursday evening to be there for the Bridesmaid's Luncheon on Friday morning. The Bridesmaid's Luncheon was held at Maggie's Grandmother's house and was so beautiful and delicious! It was so good catching up with Molly, Katie, and Maggie, as well as their mom, grandmothers, and the groom, Taylor's, mom. That evening, we went out to dinner in the hotel restaurant, Print Works Bistro, and it was so delicious. It is located in a completely green hotel, The Proximity, and was so gorgeous and the food was so good! After dinner, I wasn't feeling well due to my head cold, so Alli and I headed back to the room, while everyone else went to the after rehearsal dinner party. Everyone said that it was a blast and danced all night to an awesome dj. I wanted to save my energy for the big day!
 Maggie and Me at the Bridesmaid's luncheon
 Mother of the bride making a sweet speech
Saturday began with a family viewing of sport center in my parent's hotel room, since we were all so interested in what they would say about the big game that evening (Bama vs. LSU). After that, mom, Kimberly, and I went shopping at a super cute boutique in Greensboro near the Friendly Center while dad and Kimberly's boyfriend, Ralson, went to play golf. Kimberly and I found some really cute dresses and shoes for an early Christmas present (I actually ended up wearing one to the wedding instead of the dress that I originally brought).  After shopping, we ate at a cute lunch place called the Carolina Cafe before heading back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding.
 The girls before the wedding ceremony
The wedding was held at a Christian school in Greensboro and to say it was beautiful would be a HUGE understatement!! Sally, the bride's mom, did ALL of the decorations, flower arrangements, programs, favors, and adorable signs that hung around the venues. I just loved all of the centerpieces and personal touches that they had and couldn't stop taking pictures of every last detail! Maggie looked beautiful, and she and Taylor are so happy and adorable together! We all had such a blast dancing with the band! Since I didn't want to carry my huge camera on the dance floor, I took some pictures with my blackberry so forgive the quality (just needed to capture the fun moments!).

After the wedding, my sister, Ralson, and I watched the end of the Bama/LSU game in the restaurant bar. I'm sad for Josh that Bama was beat, but I have to admit that it isn't so bad to watch them lose being an Auburn fan! We had to leave to go back to Atlanta bright and early Sunday morning in order to get back in time for a photography workshop that I attended, but we had such a fun time with the Jones' celebrating Maggie and Taylor! Congrats to you both!!!

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