Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pink Pig and Santa Clause

This past Monday, while I was still in Atlanta, my mom, Lila, Alli, and I met up with Josh's mom, sister, and Lila's cousin, Coleman at the Macy's Pink Pig.  I posted on the Pink Pig last year, and this year Lila had even more fun now that she could "get it" more! We all got to ride since I had to sit by Alli, my mom had to sit by Lila, and Melissa had to sit by Coleman. Next year Lila and Coleman will finally be big enough to sit together, but until then, the adults got to enjoy the "pink pig train" (as Coleman calls it) as well.  The train is an Atlanta tradition and is so cute. It is shaped like a pink pig (obviously), and goes around this cute little forest while Priscilla the pig explains the tradition to the kids.  I hope that we get to visit Atlanta at least once in November or December each year so that the girls can continue to enjoy the Macy's Pink Pig. 

After riding the Pink Pig, we met up with my sister at California Pizza Kitchen for lunch. It was a perfect place to meet since they had tons of room for our huge party and was also loud enough to drown out our noisy toddlers! After lunch, we took the babies to see Santa and have their picture made. Lila was so mesmerized with his beard, that she hardly wanted to look at the camera, but I guess that I'm glad that she's not scared of him! We got some cute pictures, and it was so nice to not have to wait in line to see him! I can't wait to take both girls to see him here in Texas next month!


  1. I had never heard of the pink pig until yesterday! A friend is taking her kids to ATL for the same things and I had NO CLUE what she was talking about! Thanks for clearing it all up for me!

  2. How about instead of visiting you guys just move back?? We are going to go visit the Pig after Thanksgiving! Can't wait! It will be my first time since we moved here 22 years ago, can you even believe it?



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