Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

This Thanksgiving was another great one and probably one of the best that we've ever had! It started off with a delicious buffet lunch at the Downtown Aquarium restaurant with the Millets and the Braseltons. My friend Ashley and her parents invited us to spend Thanksgiving with them at their house last year,  which was so nice since it was the first year that we weren't able to spend it with our own family, and we decided to make it a yearly tradition. This year, they decided to try out the Aquarium restaurant, and it was so delicious. Lila acted terrible at first, but came around and was actually not so bad in her high chair towards the end. We sat right next to a huge fish tank wall, which gave the girls something to look at and play around after we finished eating. Lila and Karsyn always have so much fun playing together, and I can't believe that they were only 9 months old this time last year!

After lunch, we took some pictures, let the girls run around outside for a bit, and then headed down to Galveston to meet our friends, the Disibios for Thanksgiving dinner at their house. John and Josh work together, and his wife and I get along so well. Their little girl, Elle, is only 7 months younger than Lila, so they enjoy playing together also. Unfortunately, they are moving to Missouri in July, so we are trying to get together as often as possible until then! John made such a delicious meal, and we had a great time visiting and watching the Cowboys beat Miami!

It was such a great day, and we are truly blessed with some amazing friends here that are like family!

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