Saturday, December 3, 2011

22 Months Old *December 3, 3010*

We are yet another month closer to your second birthday, and you are learning SO much everyday! You are such a funny, high spirited kid that truly has a love for life! Although you can be a bit difficult at times, we love being with you, and are so glad that God has blessed us with you!
*you weigh 27.4 pounds and are a little over 32 inches tall.

*you still love your Mother's Day Out and learned the letters H and I this month. You also had a big Thanksgiving feast in your class on November 15th.

*We celebrated Veterans Day with a parade with your friend Karsyn.
*Still in size 5 diapers and wearing mostly 18-24 month clothes. Some t-shirts that you wear are 2T and your jeans range from 18 months to 3t.
*You still are completely in love with Winnie the Pooh. You love to watch youtube videos of him on our computers. Your favorite is Eyore, and you call "E-aw"

*You still love your pink bunny and call her "Abby"
*You want to hold anything and everything on the counters and in the car and pitch a HUGE fit when you can't! You especially love this bar of Dove soap, and lay down in the parking lot to pitch a fit when you can't take it places.
*You still love throwing balls and are getting better about not throwing things that shouldn't be thrown (except you threw daddy's phone at him and gave him a fat lip last week!).

*You still drink about 3 cups of milk ("k" as you call it) per day. You haven't wanted water much this past month, but tried chocolate milk for the first weren't crazy about it.
*Getting you to eat much is such a struggle these days, but your favorite are: waffles (you call them "wa wuls"), bagels with cream cheese, pizza, Chick-Fil-A chicken strips (you call Chick-Fil-A "yummy yummy"), any kind of fruit, any kind of sweets, french fries, egg and cheese biscuits, green beans, carrots, cheese, yogurt, apple sauce, penne pasta, ravioli, Doritos, goldfish
*You will sometimes eat: beans, potato salad, hot dogs, turkey sandwiches, chicken that's not from Chick-Fil-A, pork chops, meat, mashed potatoes, eggs, mac and cheese, hashbrowns,
*Bedtime is at 8pm, and we will usually get you out of bed around 8am (but sometimes around 9).

*You take one afternoon nap from 2 until either 4 or even 5 sometimes.
*You still have 16 teeth and are just waiting for your two year molars...I'm really dreading those! You love to brush your teeth and chew on your toothbrush.
*You are starting to say more real words although the pronunciation of them is always a little off, which makes it so much cuter! Some new words/phrases that you say this month is: santa "si-ta", "look at that", "tee" for Christmas tree, "yum yum" for cupcake, "nonald" for donald duck, "ey-o" for Eyore,

*You really love to sing and you sing the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song (and add the word "cool" to the tune), as well as the Winnie the Pooh theme song.
*You love to make a mess, and climb on everything, especially ottomans.

*You are having so much fun with your sister, or "a-yee", now that she is becoming more and more interactive. Your favorite thing to do is tickle her feet and pull her bows out. You also loves to pull her socks off.  You still give her kisses a lot!
*You celebrated your second Thanksgiving by eating lunch with your friend, Karsyn and dinner with your friend, Elle.
*You also sat on Santa'a lap with your cousin at the beginning of this month and with your sister at the end of this month. We picked out our Christmas tree and decorated the house for Christmas. You are so excited for Santa to come.

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