Wednesday, December 14, 2011

JLGC Holiday Ball-Moonlight over Manhattan

This past Saturday, December 10th, Josh and I headed down to the San Luis Resort in Galveston for the Junior League of Galveston County's Annual Holiday Ball.  Last year, I had just found out that I was pregnant about three weeks beforehand, so needless to say, I had a much better time this year!  My parents were here to keep the girls, so we made a night out of it and stayed down at the resort. 
 self-portrait in the hotel room before the ball

We got to the hotel early enough to take a nap before having to get ready for the ball, which was SO nice!! After we got ready, we met up with some friends in their hotel room for a quick drink before making our way to the Grand Ballroom for the party. The theme this year was Moonlight over Manhattan, and the ballroom was decorated to look like the different boroughs of New York City.  Even the escalator was decorated to look like the entrance to the subway. 
Instead of a sit-down dinner, this year they had food stations set up for the different areas of New York, such as Little Italy, SoHo, ChinaTown, and the Meat Packing District.  The food was so delicious, and Josh and I definitely went back for seconds...maybe even thirds :)
the girls

There was a live auction as well as a silent auction. We bid on a live auction item as a table but were quickly outbid, so Josh and I decided to check out what was on the silent auction table.  There were so many great things available, and we decided on a Keurig coffee system with coffee and a Starbucks cake pop kit, which we won and had to lug home in three huge bags! We had a great time, and even better, a full night of un-interrupted sleep!! 

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