Thursday, December 15, 2011

MOMs Club Christmas Party

Our MOMs Club had their Christmas party this past Sunday, and we braved the chilly weather to celebrate with our friends at League Park in League City.  There was yummy food, fun kiddos, and Santa, who showed up in an old-timey car.  Lila was so excited to see "si-ta" (as she calls him), as usual, and ran right up to him when he got there.  He had a present for every kid, and Lila had a great time playing with the Winnie the Pooh figurines that he gave her! Both girls got to sit on his lap again (like I said in my last post, they are getting to be pros at the Santa lap pictures!) and had a great time at the party.
 ready for the party 
 my two girls!
 running around the park
Santa arriving to the party
 lining up her Pooh figures that Santa gave her

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