Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Day

 Santa came to see the girls!
Christmas Day was such a wonderful, lazy day filled with excitement, eating, and present-opening. Lila caught a bad cold several days before and was still not feeling very well, so we weren't sure how she'd react to all her new presents. She didn't know what to expect when she first came out of her room and saw what Santa had put in her living room, but she warmed up pretty quickly to all her new toys. We heard a lot of "wow"s and "oh cool"s as she would discover something new that Santa had brought. Even Alli had a great time going through her stocking and playing with the rattles and musical toys that Santa brought for her.
 Christmas dinner
 playing in her new playhouse
 sitting together in their Pottery Barn chairs
We spent the ENTIRE day playing with toys and unwrapping the many gifts that their great-grandparents, grandparents, and aunts and uncles had sent for the girls. It took us 10 hours        (not exaggerating) to go through everything, because the present-opening kept getting halted due to meals and naps.  For dinner, we had a delicious ham as well as green bean casserole, Sister Schubert rolls, and sweet potato casserole.  Both girls got tubbies and ended the day the same way they started, playing with their new things and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
It was such a wonderful Christmas and one that we are sure not to forget. It was Alli's first Christmas and our first Christmas in Texas.  We missed being with our extended families, but our girls made this year so much fun and special.
 relaxing after a busy day of presents and playtime


  1. Carter says he wants to come over and play with all their awesome toys :)

  2. What cute pictures! I'm sure they will have lots of fun playing together!



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