Saturday, December 24, 2011

Some Special Ornaments

Merry Christmas Eve! It feels a little strange to not be participating in the Christmas Eve traditions that I've participated in for the past 27 years, but we are having a great day nonetheless. I wanted to share a few special Christmas ornaments that we have added to our tree over the past few years since we have been married:
 Lila's First Christmas ornament (above) and Alli's First Christmas ornament (below)
 Christmas ornament from the December before I had Lila in February
 Josh's Aunt Marianne gave me this ornament because I taught first grade
 Above and Below ornaments were wedding gifts from two sweet friends
 Gotta love squirrels (our Alpha Gamma Delta mascot!)
 Bear ballerina ornament that we bought Lila at The Nutcracker ballet in 2010
 Pink Pig ornament that the girls got after riding it this year
 Our lovely tree this year
 so many presents ready to be opened tomorrow!

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