Friday, April 12, 2013

Easter Dinner

We had a busy morning and afternoon, but we were excited to go to our friends, the Braselton's house for dinner that evening.  The Donahoe family was also able to join us, so we knew it would be a great time. The girls love playing with Aiden, and all the kids had as much fun as the adults did visiting and celebrating over good food and good dessert!
checking out their eggs
adorable favors
chowing down
baby kids eating their dinner
There was a huge storm coming, so we rushed to get to the egg hunt before the down pour started. The guys "hid" the eggs around the yard, and by "hid", I mean throw the eggs in several different directions without much thought :)  The kids loved picking up their eggs and seeing what was inside.  Alli was happy again with her one egg, and she and Chandler passed their eggs back and forth while the big kids finished the hunt.  They were excited to find little figurines and stickers inside the eggs and played with them for a while before eating dinner.
the guys hiding the eggs
waiting to go hunt
Alli trying to steal Chandler's eggs
Dinner was so delicious with ham, potato salad, mac and cheese, chips, and fruit. We also had cupcakes and strawberry cream pie for dessert.  I think we all ate too much for the day, but it was all too good to pass up.  I know I've said it a million times, but I am so thankful for such special friends here in Texas. The Braseltons were our first friends here, and it has been so much fun celebrating numerous holidays, milestones, and birthdays with them.

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