Monday, April 1, 2013

She or He???

Thursday is the BIG day (hopefully, if little one cooperates!) to find out if #3 is a she or a he.  Of course, we all think it's another she, but it will be nice to find out for sure!

I wanted to list several of the old wives tales out there about determining gender for fun to remember which symptoms that I've had this time around (some of these I've never heard of before!):

*Carrying High or Low?  Hard to determine without a huge belly, but it looks to be much higher than I carried either girl...although carrying high means GIRL

*Heart rate: 139 at 6 weeks (BOY) and 150 at 12 weeks (GIRL)

*Sweet or Salty/Sour Cravings?  Definitely salty/sour cravings (BOY). I can't get enough of lemonade!!

*Chinese Birth Chart: GIRL (was right for Lila, but wrong for Alli)

*Leg Hair: Seems to be growing faster (BOY)

*Baking Soda Test:  No reaction = GIRL

*Skin Clarity: Terrible (GIRL), although my skin was flawless with both girls

*Wedding ring test: Circles (BOY)

*Morning Sickness:  Icky, but not terrible (BOY)

*Eating Bread: I prefer the ends (BOY)

*Baby Dreams: BOY, with Alli too (even after I knew she was a girl), I kept dreaming that we were having a boy...weird!

*Breast Test: (maybe TMI) Right is definitely bigger (BOY)

*Headaches: All the time (BOY)

Looking at this list makes me realize how wrong most things were for both of my girls :) It will be interesting to see if my 12 week scan was right at predicting another girlie!

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