Saturday, April 13, 2013

Strawberry Pickin'

Yesterday morning, we met some friends of ours at Froberg's Farm to pick some strawberries. The berries were so ripe and juicy, and we brought home two buckets full. Lila had her own bucket and did a great job filling it with red berries (and eating a few along the way).  Alli and I shared a bucket, and I did most of the work since she was more concerned with eating the berries than putting them in the bucket.
playing in the market
After the girls had their fun with picking, we took a look around the farmer's market there.  We took home some fresh strawberry preserves, orange marmelade, wild honey, and some of their famous fried pies.  The berries taste like candy and the fried pies are to-die-for! We had such a great day!

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