Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mid-Term Ultrasound

This morning, I had my mid-term scan at the doctor's office to measure baby and to make sure that everything looks okay. This is also the ultrasound that most people find out the gender (although, I'm too impatient to wait this long, hence the elective ultrasound I had two weeks ago! post here).

It always takes forever to complete the scan because there are so many things that the tech needs to measure, but it took an extra long time today because the machine kept shutting down unexpectedly  We would have to wait for it to restart, and it was a little annoying, but there was nothing that we could do about it!

She did see what we were having in one of the first few shots, but she saved it until the very end (she didn't know that I already knew).  She was getting really frustrated with the machine because she was so excited to show me the gender of this little baby (again, I tried to act like I didn't already know). Finally, she got the machine to work for us, and she showed me a shot of the parts from a perspective that I hadn't seen before (from the head looking down to the feet), and you could clearly see the male parts sticking up. It's like an 11th finger and so funny looking to me! I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with it once Grant is born. The tech was beyond excited and shouted (literally) "You know what that is, right?!? It's a BOY!!".  She knows that I have two girls already, and she admits that she thought it was a girl six weeks ago too. I think she was as shocked as Josh and I were that it's a little boy growing in there.

I feel much more comfortable buying blue now, and I went straight to Buy Buy Baby to use a coupon on a new swing (I gave our old one away).  They had some adorable pajamas that I couldn't resist buying as well.  It's so exciting having confirmation, and it was great to see that baby Grant is growing healthy and right on-track!
scary alien-looking face
baby feet
Definitely a BOY! ...or a weirdly placed 11th finger ;)
Boy shot
little fist


  1. You will love having a little man in the house and I promise those boy parts aren't as scary as they seem hahaha Much easier to take care of than girl parts too!!



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