Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Easter Sunday Morning

Easter was such a fun, busy day that I'm going to have to separate it into a few blog posts. We got the girls up a little earlier than normal for church so that they could see what the Easter bunny brought for them.  They were so excited to find the candy, lip gloss, new sandals, and princess high heels.  They weren't as excited about the cute new outfits, but that is to be expected :)
open please!
so excited the Easter bunny brought The Little Mermaid
Alli loves her heels
checking out their loot together
After we let them see their baskets for a while, we attempted a family picture.  None of the girls were having it and they both pitched huge fits.  Therefore, we only got one decent picture of all of us for the morning. 
15 weeks 3 days with baby boy
The girls were so excited to go to church, and Lila was saying "He is risen" with such excitement.  I'm not sure if she understands just what Easter means, but I know she's getting it slowly but surely. The church service was lovely and we had a couple hours to kill in between church and lunch with some friends from our Sunday school class, so we came back home to try a few more pictures. The girls were a little better with these, but still didn't want to take one as a whole family. 

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