Monday, May 20, 2013

Lila: February-May 2013

I admit that I was really bad at keeping up with your fun milestones towards the end of February and through March which is very un-like me, but this graduate school class has taken a lot of my attention these past seven weeks.  You are acting like such a big girl now, especially with a big girl attitude. You love your friends and are so social. You and Alli are becoming better friends every day, and I'm so happy how sweet and helpful you are with her. Here's what you've been up to the past three months. 
February-March 2013 Memories:

*We celebrated your 3rd birthday at Disney World with your Yeye, Edaddy, and uncle Bbup. We all had a great time.
*You had your 3-year old check up at the beginning of the month and it went well. You are exactly 36 inches tall and weigh 29.5 pounds.
*All you have wanted to do the last few weeks is watch Rapunzel, Princess and the Frog, Toy Story, and Cinderella.
*You got sick at the end of the month and laid on the couch for 3 straight days, definitely very un-Lila-like.
*You had a great time at your school's Rodeo Days.
March-April 2013 Memories:

*You definitely have a 3-year old attitude, and we've been having to work on asking nicely for things instead of demanding them.
*You also love to run to the playroom and slam the door when you don't get the answer that you wanted from us.
*You love to sing Happy Birthday, and you sang it to daddy and yeye at the beginning of this month.
*You are eating a lot more this month, you love to eat chicken nuggets again, but Mac n' cheese is definitely still your favorite.
*You want to eat mac n' cheese for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
*We had fun with friends during your school's Spring Break. You and Anna have gotten to be such cute little friends.
April-May 2013 Memories: 

*We found out that you were getting a little brother earlier this month, and you had guessed it right from the beginning.
*You love to talk to baby Grant in my belly and give it lots of kisses.
*You told us this month that Alli was your best friend. It melted our hearts!
*You are REALLY into princesses now, and you love to wear your Cinderella princess dress all the time.
*You love all the songs from the Disney movies (especially the princess ones) and you will sing every chance that you get.
*You get SUPER moody and mean when you are hungry, like you are a whole new person.
*You also have a 3-going-on-13 attitude here lately, I'm nervous what we're actually in for in 10 more years!
*You have gotten so much better about doing #2 in the potty and we haven't had to give you as many "heiny shots" as last month.
*You have gotten a little sick of mac n' cheese this month and you now prefer peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
*You love to hold Alli's hand when you walk and give her lots of hugs.

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