Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mother's Day Gifts from my Girls

I love how the girls' teachers came up with such creative presents to have the girls make for Mother's Day.  They are definitely things that I will cherish forever. Lila made me a sweet card, filled out a really funny paper on me and drew a crazy picture, and she also painted a potholder with her name and handprint on it.  She gave me a potted pink begonia too, and it is so pretty. I just hope that I remember to water it :) ! Alli made me a flower bookmark with her picture and her thumb print. The gifts were so perfect, and I love everything so much!

I am so blessed to be these girls' mama!
plant, Alli's bookmark, and the bag of goodies from Lila

her sweet paper she filled out on me...does my hair really look grey?? haha

potholder and sweet card from Lila

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